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Provider of stellar care for the individuals we serve

Vista Care's mission and values apply to each one of us and the people that we care for!  Vista Care is committed to the principles of independence, self-actualization, and to the preservation of dignity of each person we serve, regardless of the nature or degree of their disability. 

We encourage you to review Vista Care's statements of vision, mission and values. They assist us in keeping our purpose foremost and clear, facing the challenges we encounter each day as a service provider. Most importantly we insist that each of our employees adhere to the principles of our organization established in these statements as they fulfill their day-to-day responsibilities.

Dedicated to helping individuals to overcome barriers to achieve their fullest potential

We work closely with each of the individuals we serve, and the people close to them to discover and understand their unique set of challenges and strengths, their goals and aspirations. Utilizing our experience and expertise, we design and provide an array of specialized services to support every individual in achieving his or her life goals. 

Vista Care understands each person's need for autonomy and self-determination. Where barriers exist, we believe a responsive service provider must work creatively to challenge limiting environments while encouraging the individual's ability to make decisions for themselves. We believe individuals should be fully included in the community with access to the community's resources and benefits.  Inclusion enables the person to fulfill the role and responsibilities of becoming a neighbor, an employee and a friend.


All people, including those with intellectual and developmental, emotional, behavioral or physical disabilities, have the same basic needs for personal well-being & security, and a feeling of belonging. This leads to fulfillment and life satisfaction. We provide a unique combination of aid, support, education, praise & reinforcement that will enable the person to satisfy those basic needs while progressing successfully in the accomplishment of their life goals.

Vista Care is committed to offering the highest quality services that are adaptable and quick to respond to the individuals we support. Vista Care's fiscal soundness assures the long-term stability and security every person needs. Helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities achieve their full potential improves the entire community's quality of life. Vista Care is proud to be a part of that process. 

Compass Pointing North

Our Compass

Our Mission

“The folks we serve and support are always first in our hearts and in our actions.”

Our Vision
“Be the leading service and support provider in Wisconsin by helping the individuals we serve overcome barriers and achieve their fullest potential; to not only help them improve the quality of their own lives, but their families lives as well.” 


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Our commitment to providing mindful, progressive, supportive services in a home-environment remains steadfast as Vista Care continues to expand its services to meet the needs of individuals throughout Wisconsin communities.  As such we will adhere to the following values in everything that we do:


  • Treat all people with dignity & respect while promoting a professional & pleasant communication style.

  • Ensure that our places of work promote a healthy work/life balance while providing a pleasant, clean and safe environment. 

  • Solve problems quickly and effectively in a spirit of good faith and cooperation, respecting agreed-upon deadlines and encouraging active participation while valuing everyone’s contributions.

  • Actively encourage our people to reach their full potential through training and career growth opportunities.

  • Focus on meeting the needs and expectations of people, externally or internally, that we serve.

  • Be a good neighbor by helping to protect our environment and contributing to the community.


Vista Care prides itself on education, care, comfort, affordability,

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