Commonly Asked Questions

What are the benefits of becoming a Host Home Provider?

The individuals who receive services will become honorary members of the provider’s family. This shared living arrangement offers a family support system that encourages community involvement. As you welcome a new person into your home, everyone involved will feel the impact of making a positive change in the individual's life.

What are the eligibility requirements for me as a provider?

There are various eligibility requirements including but not limited to a high school diploma or equivalent, valid driver’s license, a home inspection, reliable computer and internet access, valid CPR/First Aid certification and support training.

What training is required and is it offered through Vista Care?

Initial and ongoing training is provided by Vista Care. In addition, a Host Home Provider would need to complete CPR/First Aid certification.

Can I still work my regular job and be a Host Home Provider?

Yes. Many individuals either maintain their own independent jobs or attend a day program. This allows you to work regular shifts while they are managing their own responsibilities.

How am I matched with an individual?

Individuals and providers are matched through an interview process and compatibility questionnaire. Then, visits between the potential provider and individual will be conducted to have time to get to know each other. Vista Care makes every effort to ensure it's a mutually beneficial match.

What new expenses can I expect when an individual is placed with me?

You may experience very limited increases in expenses such as purchasing liability insurance as an independent contractor, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, etc. Additional increases in a utility bill or establishing a landline will be covered with room and board fees that are paid on a monthly basis. 

What rate of pay will I receive as a provider?

The rate that providers receive is based on a daily rate of service that is provided while the individual is living with you. This can be an average of $3,500 per month. You will submit daily documentation electronically through our database and then submit an invoice for your services at the end of each month.

What support will I receive as a provider?

Vista Care supports providers through a Person Centered Planning (PCP) team of natural supports and professionals, to guide and inform in the successful care of individuals. Additional support is accessible on a regular basis from a Service and Support Director (an employee of Vista Care), including linkages to other Host Home Providers who offer respite care.

How long will an individual stay with me?

The individual(s) will stay with you until you retire or the individual becomes too medically involved to be cared for in the home. At that time, they would move to a skilled nursing facility or another environment that is better equipped to provide the care that they need.

How will being a Host Home Provider affect how I file my taxes?

Typically, Host Home Provider revenue falls under the Foster Care Classification but it is always best for you to discuss your specific financial details with your accountant.