High Acuity Behavioral Health



Vista Care is a premier provider of High Acuity Behavioral Health Services.  We provide specialized, direct support services for members who have had multiple failed placements and multiple stays in state institutions due to behavioral challenges. These members deserve and have the right to live in the

least restrictive environment possible in a community setting. Through our expertise and the rigorous training of our staff, Vista Care has proven to be highly successful in supporting people with challenging behavior and adhering to our "no fail" concept. Vista Care ensures all reasonable measures

are taken to maintain the safety of members supported, our staff, and the community. 

Vista Care's Mission: 

The folks with Behavioral Health needs we serve and support are always first in our hearts and in our actions. 

Vista Care support services for those with behavioral challenges are outlined below:

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At Vista Care, Individuals’ choices, dignity, and rights are a priority when developing individualized support plans.  Each potential admission to one of our residential homes is professionally assessed and reviewed by an interdisciplinary team, and we develop behavior plans which minimize the loss of individual rights and maximize positive outcomes.  Our staff is trained to use behavior management techniques and interventions, and we emphasize the use of positive methods and strategies to create a therapeutic milieu that is predictable and enriched with rewards.  Supervision, engagement of individuals, and rapport building are all key(s) to providing an environment that allows for specialized services to individuals with behavioral challenges.


Vista Care provides supportive care that helps the individuals we serve live full, independent and dignified lives within the comfort of their own homes.  In-Home services and mentoring programs are developed to provide supports to a child, adolescent or adult living with his or her family or in their own living environment. We serve individuals with a broad range of abilities and needs, and our in-home services are tailored to meet those needs to promote successful independent living.

Our tailored In-Home services include:

Community Involvement

Money Management

Medication Management

Assistance with Cooking & Cleaning

Grocery Shopping


Our Individualized In-Home Mentoring Program offers services which include:

Community Integration

Social Skills

Leisure Activities


Daily Living Skills

Family Support

Vocational Support


Educational Training

For more information regarding our Residential or In-Home High Acuity Services, contact our High Acuity Regional Office in Central Wisconsin

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