With a demonstrated history of exemplary care for the last 24 years, Vista Care has become a premier service provider in

the Lakeshore, Fox Valley and Central Wisconsin areas.  Our guiding principle remains unwavering:  provide innovative, specialized supports

and services to meet a wide range of needs while enhancing each individual’s independence and maximizing their quality of life.


At Vista Care, we know that the level of assistance and support needed is different for each of the individuals we serve.  Each person is unique, and that is why at Vista Care our goal is to contribute to the development of specialized supports and services which are designed to meet the individual’s own hopes, dreams, goals and needs. Individuals’ choices, dignity, and rights are a priority when developing individualized programs. Vista Care is an organization that specializes in a continuum of support services that we are proud to offer. 


To learn more about each of the services we provide, choose from the list below.

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Vista Care provides disability and elder services to Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Lakeshore, Fox Valley, & Central Wisconsin such as: adult day care, senior services, senior citizen services, mental health services, intellectual and development disability, disabiltiy services, behavioral health services.
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Vista Care prides itself on education, care, comfort, affordability,

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