We at Vista Care believe that every person has a basic need for comfort, security, love and a sense of belonging.  Each potential admission to one of our residential homes is professionally assessed and reviewed by an interdisciplinary team to develop the highest quality services and supports needed for each individual.  In addition to our commitment to providing stellar daily care, we offer nursing oversight by a licensed nurse in each county at selected residential programs for medical services which include tube feedings, diabetic care, injectable medications, catheters and colostomy.  

Significant Medical Challenges



Vista Care Day Services strives to provide a stimulating, safe, challenging, educational and enjoyable day of programming

for Adults with Significant Medical Challenges. Based on specific interests and skills levels, individuals are involved

in daily living and social skills, social and volunteer activities, community outings, and a variety of classroom settings which include the teaching of some academic skills. A detailed assessment is completed upon admission, and a service plan

is developed and implemented based on input from the individual, family members, residential staff and Care Managers.

Vista Care Day Services employs staff members who bring expertise and years of direct service experience to the Program.

The level of supervision varies based on the individual’s needs, which can include 1 on 1 care.

Vista Care Day Services Program is available Monday through Friday, year-round with hours being offered

from 8:00 a.m. - 4 p.m. Transportation to and from programming is also available upon request.


Vista Care provides supportive care that helps the individuals we serve live full, independent and dignified lives within the comfort of their own homes.  In-Home services and mentoring programs are developed to provide supports to a child, adolescent or adult living with his or her family or in their own living environment. We serve individuals with a broad range of abilities and needs, and our in-home services are tailored to meet those needs to promote successful independent living.

Our tailored In-Home services include:

Community Involvement

Money Management

Medication Management

Assistance with Cooking & Cleaning

Grocery Shopping


Our Individualized In-Home Mentoring Program offers services which include:

Community Integration

Social Skills

Leisure Activities


Daily Living Skills

Family Support

Vocational Support


Educational Training

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Vista Care provides specialized supports for individuals who have sustained an injury or who have other complex medical challenges.  We provide services to help the individual live in the community while receiving intensive supports that are designed to help individuals live a full and productive life, as independently as possible.


Vista Care Mission Statement: 

The folks with Significant Medical Challenges we serve and support are always first in our hearts and in our actions.


Vista Care support services for those with Significant Medical Challenges are outlined below: